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6. Sacred Harmony of Geometry

There will come a day
when music and its philosophy
will become the religion of humanity.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

What Sacred Geometry Really Is

Sacred Geometry means literally "The Sacred Measure of the Earth". But it could also be called "The Blueprint of all Creation". In reality, Sacred Geometry is a profound spiritual science, which has been taught for thousands of years in spiritual traditions around the world. This is because Sacred Geometry reveals the actual patterns by which Spirit creates our World. 1

There are a Ton of esoteric teachings with Sacred Geometry all through them. Yet no one really knew what Sacred Geometry REALLY represented: The segmented BLUEPRINTS to ENERGY; The Mathematical Formula of CREATION.

Sacred Geometry represents the Segmented Blueprints of Magnetic Currents & Neutral Particles of Matter.

One of the most important discoveries of the new quantum physics is that of the holographic nature of the universe. The geometric language of light, that forms the underlying matrix of this hologram, is the alphabet of the new paradigm.

The primary infrastructure of all existence is written in the Sacred Geometric language of light. All is light ... all is geometry.

Sacred Geometry is the 'graphic code' that reveals the processes of inherent order underlying all of creation.

The mathematical laws of Sacred Geometry govern every system of growth, every motion in the universe, from atomic bonds to spiraling galaxies.

Sound structures form. Form is the shape of frequency. 4

Historically, definitions of Sacred Geometry vary. Invariably, all point to the same concept. But none takes Sound into account.


Iconic Terra Prana Sphere / Cuboctahedron / Heptaparallelohedron

The construct depicted above comes from an accurately percetual representation of pitch in 3 dimensional space, called HarmoniComb (3D Logarithmnic Pythagorean Lambdoma).

It is fully described in the new version of the chapter “The Fine Art of Combining Harmonics”.

Among others, it PROVES that the  Basics of the Music System, as presented on is an arbitrary, abberant and futile attempt of associating the tones of the artificial equal tempered (out-of-tune) scale and Sacred Geometry.

The Harmonic Series Creates
the Basic Geometric Pattern of Existence

The Harmonic Series is the hidden code, the starting point in creating the basic patterns of sacred geometry.

The Seed, Flower, Fruit and Tree of Life, Vesica Piscis and the Borromean Rings, Metatron's Cube and The Platonic Solids (Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron), Golden Mean Spirals and The Torus, The 64 Strands of DNA, The Sri Yantra, The Endless Knot, Ankhs and The Human Merkaba - THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME THING, AND THEY ALL COME FROM THE HARMONIC SERIES.

And the mechanism through which the Natural Harmonic Series comes into existence is nonlinear. In mathematics, a nonlinear equation is an equation that has among its terms at least one exponent larger than 1. This makes sense, as our perception of sound is logarithmic, meaning we hear succesive whole-number exponents of the same number (interval) as equal steps. In physics, nonlinear distorsion refers to the generation of harmonic frequencies that are not present in the original stimulus, that is, nonlinear relationship between "input" and "output".

Einstein's belief was that geometry holds the key to creating a unified equation of the universe.

The understanding of the holographic and fractal nature of the Universe, and the relationships that exist between all things led Nassim Haramein to conclude that Nature builds Life by a Perfect Blueprint. 5 It is the (unified) equation of this blueprint that Nassim may have discovered.

Sacred Geometry is just that: the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. 6 Out of this, an equation can be derived at any level of manifestation.

But what is the blueprint of Sacred Geometry? How are the patterns of Sacred Geometry generated, how does Mind (Energy) turns itself into mass?

The answer is Music. The Harmonic Series is the perfect blueprint of the perfect blueprint - the creative force behind the creative force.

Cosmic Mandala from Bhutan

Cosmic Mandala from Bhutan
Image copyright: Johannes Quistorp
Entfaltung der Stimme

In the Vedas of the Hindus we read: Nada Brahma - sound, being the Creator. In the works of the wise of ancient India we read: 'First song, then Vedas or wisdom'. When we come to the Bible, we find: 'First was the word, and the word was God', and when we come to the Qur'an we read that the word was pronounced, and all creation was manifest. This shows that the origin of the whole creation is sound.

In the very depth of man's being the harmony of the working of the whole universe sums up in a perfect music. Therefore, THE MUSIC WHICH IS THE SOURCE OF CREATION, THE MUSIC WHICH IS FOUND NEAR THE GOAL OF CREATION, IS THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.

Every thought, every word has its form. Sound alone is free from form.

When one looks into the past, the present and the future one sees that life is eternal, and what one can discover is that which has always been discovered by those who seek.

Philosophy or science, mysticism or esotericism will all agree on one point if they touch the summit of their knowledge, and that point is that behind the whole of creation, behind the whole of manifestation - if there is any subtle trace of life that can be found, it is motion, it is movement, it is vibration.

Music is behind the working of the whole universe. Music is not only life's greatest object, but music is life itself.

The religions of the world, the prophets and mystics who existed ages ago knew these things, [knew] that this is something which has always been known, and has been spoken of by those who knew it - but in spiritual terms.

The Vedanta speaks of Nada Brahma, the Sound-God, the sound that is God, of which all things are made. Sufis call it sawt-e-sarmad, the sound that intoxicates man. The Qur'an says: 'Kunfa-yakun - when God said "Be", it became'. Before this world was, all was in sound, God was sound, we are made of sound.

3D Nonlinear "Standing Waves":
the True Sacred Geometry of Sound

Despite several thousand years of failure to correctly understand physical reality, there is an obvious solution. Simply unite Science with Metaphysics and describe reality from only one substance existing.

Given we all experience many minds and many material things, but always in one common Space, we are required to describe physical reality in terms of Space. We then find there is only one solution, a Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) where the electron is a spherical standing wave.

Based on the present understanding of physics the universe may support large standing waves and because of the non-linearity of the wave equation we know that every wave will produce harmonics and in three dimensions these waves will also be standing waves. Taking a brave step [...], the assumption is that there is nothing but these waves. So forgetting all other known physics we state a single principle, the single axiom of the Harmonics Theory:

The Universe consists of a standing wave which develops harmonically related standing waves and each of these does the same.

Spherical Standing Wave

It is obvious that physical reality can only be a Spherical Standing Wave, because if you study Sound (or vibration or energy: the source of everything in existence) and Sacred Geometry (the segmented blueprints of energy; the mathematical formula of creation 2) you will come to realize that the vibratory infrastructure of energy pathways follows geometric patterns. 10 Form is the shape of frequency. 4


Sacred Geometry manifests in three dimensional space as seemingly static structures because these structures are the harmonic result of spherical standing waves' interference patterns in three dimensions. So, in order to properly understand Sacred Geometry we have to know what standing waves really are, what harmonics really mean and how they behave in three dimensions.

Unfortunately, the current Western view of acoustics and music is a rigid system of indoctrination based on historical prejudice, inherited creeds, unquestioned values, stiff dogma and cultural hypnosis. None of it works: the physics describe an incomplete, two dimensional projection of a three dimensional movement, and the music is the embodyment of dissonance and discord because the tuning system is tempered, that is, artificially created.

All we (think we) know about music comes from the last 5000 years or so, from one ancient system of tuning, a spiraling scale of tones based on successive iterations of the interval between the second and third harmonics, often referred to as "cyclic". In order to form a clear picture of what music really is in its undistorted, uninterpreted version, we need to suspend that entire period and quit defining music as "the" system perfected by Bach, found in the sky by Kepler, imposed by the Catholic Church, re-discovered and used by Pythagoras, hidden in the Ṛg Vedas, which initially appeared in Mesopotamia, and was carried on by the Babylonians which inherited it from the Sumerians.

Fortunately, the Truth can stay no longer hidden and is constantly choosing new ways and individuals through which to manifest itself. This research led to the three dimensional model of linear "standing waves" in acoustic resonators (musical instruments), which is the closest model we can relate to that reflects the universal laws of music.

The internet is oversaturated with "crackpot" theories about truth, reality, frequency, consciousness, and especially of interest here, the link between Sound (Music) and Sacred Geometry. Most people are trapped inside a system of regurgitation, where nobody verifies the "bollocks" being spread around, to the divination of awe-struck unreasoning monkeys who feel the divine touch whenever they encounter something they don't understand, but which sounds cool because is fanciful and New Agey. We are all guilty of this.

Among the most preposterous theories about Sacred Sound and Geometry are those who atribute all geometric shapes and transcedental numbers to a single frequency expressed in Hertz. Others say that Music and the whole musical system comes from transcedental numbers, when in fact the opposite is true. By this I specifically refer to the "music based on the Golden Section" delusion. Nevertheless, none of these abberant theories can be proved. The authors/regurgitators have no working model, and none of them can prove their claims.

The What Music Really İs model aknowledges three dimensional "standing waves" as the underlying phenomenon behind physical existence. The primordial mathematics of creation is given by the Harmonic Series: that one universal constant consisting of two reciprocal sequences of integer numbers where each is the inversion of the other 1, 2, 3, ... and so on, and its mirror-set.

Mathematically, the Harmonic Series is the formula for the natural laws of relationships. These relationships are strictly based on integer values and/or fractions of integer values (harmonic) from which transcendental numbers like Tau (=2*Pi) (energy shape) and Phi (scalar scale of intensity) are born. This can be proven mathematically: visually through geometry and numerically through formulas and calculus.

Musically, the harmonic series is nature’s single perfect tuning system. Most of the cultural tunings currently employed over the world were developed according to man's limited intellect and his decrepit egoic mind. Many are based on the true harmonic series and represent a distant slice of it with irregularly missing members. Others, like equal temperament, are totally artificial despite any attempt to make them seem as an extension of natural harmonics.

For the first time in millennia, here it is: THE HARMONIC SERIES AS LINEAR "STANDING WAVES" IN THREE DIMENSIONS. The single step needed to finish this study and reveal the true connection between Sacred Geometry and Sound (besides completeing the model presented below) is programming another model, that will show the geometry of nonlinear harmonic "standing waves" in three dimensions.

Are you a talented programmer passionate about physics and music?
Consider helping completeing the interactive model from the video above
by programing in Wolfram Mathematica — or even better,
using only HTML5 SVG, CSS & JavaScript.

Contact me: bo @ this website.

We're being told that "standing waves" are produced by the superposition of "waves" traveling to the right and left, reflecting back and forth between two fixed points, interfering with each other. That is not how sound really behaves in three dimensions; what we're being taught is a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional phenomena.

A "traveling wave" or "sine wave" is just an optical illusion of circular motion and is actually the side view of a spinning helix.

A "standing wave" is just an optical illusion of a body appearing to oscillate up and down, which in reality goes round just like a jump-rope, and is the result of simple addition of two components. These two spinning helices TRAVEL IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS, while SPINNING IN THE SAME DIRECTION around the green axis.

The addition of multiple spinning harmonics results in a beautiful and complex rotating vortex - not shown here.

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