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Learn to Hear the Dissonances of Equal Temperament

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The Resources

This section was created as follow-up to the many requests I get concerning what music should one listen to, what musical instruments are suited for natural harmonic music, how to tell the difference between dissonance and consonance, how to decondition the ear from the equal tempered paradigm, where to find communities and people with same interests, and so on.

True Harmonic and Total Resonant Music Resources is still a work in progress; the page will be updated as soon as new material becomes available. For sugestions please contact me.

The Services

Consulting, Seminars and Workshops

Personal consulting, seminars and workshops ARE BACK!
The precious knowledge that took years of
constant research and study to put together
and can't be found anywhere else in this form
is now again available for anyone who resonates with it.

«When I arrived from day one, Bo Constantinsen continuously showed me foundational musical principals that I found revolutionary, even in my eighteen years of musical study and experience. Some of the many topics we covered consisted of rhythm, harmonic theory, listening, musical scales, and so on. One of the many strengths of Bo is to present seemingly complex material into a simple way that most anyone can understand. I came in without a true comprehension of many of these concepts, but Bo was patient and clear in his approach, and did his best to break down the concepts in a concise, concrete manner, often in a thorough, visual sense. He couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful in answering many of the questions I had to begin with. His scientific and evidence-based method to examining music was also very refreshing and personally important to me. Indeed, no Western musical theory instructor I have come across has been able to offer the same type of in-depth knowledge of key musical principles. After spending the short period of time studying and working with Bo, I now feel a deeper understanding of what music really is.»

Review by Jesse Maw (Musician/Composer)

Courses and Training

The first What Music Really İs production, an online course titled
Learn to Hear the Dissonances of Equal Temperament
is finally ready!

The course has been published on the Udemy platform;
access it HERE.

Those who studied Harmonic Theory with Bo C-sen
by taking live or online sessions
will receive a free coupon to the course.

The “What Music Really İs” online course,
together with the ear training program called
Harmonic Series Hearing Study for the Liberated Ear
True Ear Training lessons for the development of
Perfect Aural Frequency and Harmonic Sonic Distance Recognition

(the single one in existence which doesn't condition your ear
to the dissonance of 12-tone equal temperament
and which doesn't use standard cultural nomenclature),


Production and Composition

Did you know that with very few exceptions, all the music around us is dissonant and out of tune? And that we can't hear it because our ears have been conditioned to it?

There are countless uses for audio content, most notably video productions. There are countless productions geared towards alternative views of the world, educational, empowering and for personal development, spiritual and mystical, and the list goes on.

One notable example is the “Spiritual Space” media concept (by a certain film distribution company geard towards profit), “a place to stream films that awaken the human spirit, connect us to the one Source, or reveal the Dharma. These are films that that lift the veil of familiarity between you and the world, revealing the beauty and mystery in the universe.”

Multimedia productions such as these bring forth concepts like "harmonious living" or "being in harmony", yet nobody seems to know where true harmony comes from and what it really is.

Most important, all lack the proper musical support, as no matter their message, it gets distorted by the ravages of dissonance perpetrated through the unconscious use of standard musical instruments and the single tuning system of western culture: 12-tone equal temperament.

Therefore, I offer my services as musical producer for the creation of a fine art which has no precedence. This won't be an easy task, as the resources needed for creating music in tune with nature are very scarce, almost inexistent.

I won't be able to personally compose or write music for projects as my time is mainly dedicated to finalizing the Manual, but I have a list of partners who will do it under my close supervision. If you too would like to be part of this team, contact me.

Validation and Certification

If you have a piece of music written for you but are not sure whether it truly is harmonic or not, the Validation Service offers you the What Music Really İs certification that reassures your listeners of the true and natural harmonic authenticity of your material (if it is the case). Same goes for Total Resonance, when the overtone spectra of the tones from which you derived your tuning deviate from harmonic numbers.

The “True Harmonic CERTIFIED” sign together with the What Music Really İs .com web address and Spherical Standing Wave in Logarithmic Space logo

You will be granted permission to use the "Certified" sign together with the What Music Really İs name and logo. You will also have to explicitly specify the tuning and reference frequency used in the work in numerical form, according to the guidelines provided by the International Organization for Numerical Musical Tuning.

All certified songs and/or albums will be listed here on this website.

Page last updated: 04 january 2020