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Bo Constantinsen


Vocal Music

Pure vocal music, if sung properly, is both True Harmonic and Totally Resonant. When adequately toned, it is harmonic because the timbre of the human voice is made of perfect harmonics. And it also is in tune with itself (Total Resonant) if it's not combined with strucked, plucked or hammered instruments. The best scenario is when only harmonically trained voices generate sonic entities, and this is the case for

Byzantine Psaltic Chant. Recomended “artists”:
Theodoros Vassilikos (Θεοδώρου Βασιλικοῦ) (GR) — arguably the sacred monster of Byzantine Music
Divna Ljubojević (Дивна Љубојевић) (SRB)
Mihail Bucă (RO)

LA Jazz Choir

Piano Music

Acoustic piano music can never be True Harmonic, but it can be Totally Resonant. By the very nature of the instrument, the timbre generated by striking wires with hammers is not harmonic. Therefore, when tuning pianos to harmonic scales, the instruments won't be Totally Resonant, that is, in tune with themselves. But if the harmonic scale is stretched to match the instrument's own overtones, then we get Total Resonance.

The following works have not been analyzed/tested. They are not Totally Resonant, but the difference, even for a trained ear, is insignifiant.

La Monte Young - The Well Tuned Piano
Ben Johnston, Philip Bush - Microtonal Piano
Utsav Lal - The Fluid Piano [2016]

Traditional Music

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